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Legislative Monitoring

Overall Objective

LEON increases its public profile and impact through public reporting and outreach


Specific Objectives

The programme’s specific objectives are:

  • To monitor and track decision-making processes by the legislature and analyse the transparency of the processes.
  • To bridge gaps between Liberia’s legislature and constituents through legislative monitoring and reporting
  • To assess government follow-through, track bills, monitor budgets and track expenditures, and conduct advocacy to ensure citizen interests are reflected in national legislation and budgets.


Target Groups

The House representatives, the Senate, the executive, and the citizens



  • Initiate public debates on daily developments at the Legislature
  • Public dialogues on quality of policy debates
  • Compiling statistics on bills passed in the Committee Room,
  • Tracking national budget allocations and expenditures on government programs
  • Targeting access to processes leading to concession agreements at the Legislature and;
  • Monitoring attendance of legislators
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