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Advocacy for Electoral Reforms and Inclusive Participation

A key component of the work of LEON is in advocacy for electoral reforms and inclusion. Since its formation, the organisation has taken a leading role in this area focusing on research into electoral issues including electoral reforms. 

Overall Objective

The overall objective of this component is to promote the creation of a legal framework and election culture conducive to credible and fair elections.


Specific Objectives

The programme’s specific objectives are:

  • To collect information that will promote the creation of an enabling legal framework and create a level field for credible elections
  • To provide stakeholders with empirical based fair and objective information and analysis on election-related issues
  • To build the capacity of CSOs, CBOs and stakeholders to advocate for electoral reforms


Target groups

Key stakeholders of this effort include the electoral management body, electorate, women, youth, students, labour organisations, church and religious organisations, government officials and policy makers; Parliament; local leadership; traditional leaders, political leadership, parties, researchers etc.



  • Development of research papers,
  • Conducting opinion polls and surveys, shadow reports, simplification of election legislation, reform recommendations; compliance audits of regional and international standards);
  • Advocacy engagements around lobbying and advocacy on issues identified in research papers and surveys
  • Analysis of election finances and advocacy for equitable distribution (budgetary monitoring etc.).
  • Publicity activities (public meetings, debates, lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences, interactive fora etc.)
  • Civic and Voter Education and Capacity Building – This intervention is designed to carry out an effective grassroots-based democracy education outreach programme to enhance citizen participation in issues of governance and democracy with a specific focus on electoral participation.
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