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Civic and Voter Education and Capacity Building

Overall Objective

The overall objective of this programme is to enhance citizen participation in issues of governance and democracy focusing on electoral participation.


Specific Objectives

The programme’s specific objectives are:

  • To inform citizens to vote from an informed basis.
  • To increase citizens’ knowledge about democracy and electoral processes.
  • To provide active citizenship participation in democratic processes and elections.
  • And to facilitate the participation of youth and other marginalized groups in political processes.


Target Groups

Our CVE program targets a broad spectrum of stakeholders including the electorate, youth, students, women’s groups, political parties, influential community leaders, the disabled and other marginalized groups.



  • Mapping members’ work and geographical coverage.
  • Strategic partners
  • Public campaigns /Outreach
  • Social media campaigns /Messages
  • Conduct studies to identify gaps in knowledge, information and skills in civic, political; human rights among citizens
  • Conduct studies to identify gaps in knowledge, information and skills in civic, political & human rights among citizens
  • Review and develop materials to address the dynamic nature of the election landscape. 
  • Build capacity for the various target groups.
  • Create synergies among various civic and voter education providers to provide an effective multi-agency approach to capacity building in governance and democracy. Building capacity of trainers drawn from various agencies and mount cascade training model.
  • Advocate and lobby for early electoral boundaries delimitation that meets best international practices.
  • Conduct a census projection to establish the validity of the delimitation process. 
  • Advocate and lobby for affirmative actions and inclusive policies to increase the participation of women, youth and PWDs in electoral and political processes 
  • Audit political parties’ manifestos to instil culture of transparency and accountability to citizens. 
  • Strengthen the capacity of media to appreciate impartiality and conflict-sensitive reporting.
  • Partnerships and collaborations as a strategy to reach out to broad rural and urban communities and reach to special interest groups.
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