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Election Monitoring and Observation

The monitoring and observation of elections and electoral processes are an integral part of the electoral process and play a critical role in guaranteeing the outcome of the electoral process in addition to being a valuable tool for improving the quality of elections. Domestic Election Observers help build public confidence in the honesty of electoral processes. Observation can help promote and protect the civil and political rights of participants in elections. It can lead to the correction of errors or weak practices, even while an election process is still underway. It can deter manipulation and fraud or expose such problems if they do occur. Findings from ongoing election observation and monitoring efforts have supported work on advocacy for electoral reform and electoral education.

Overall objective

The overall objective of this component is to promote democratic free and fair election processes through objectively monitoring and observing elections and thereafter making appropriate recommendations for consideration by different electoral stakeholders.


Specific objectives

The program’s specific objectives are:

  • To promote democratic free and fair electoral processes through impartial monitoring and observation of elections
  • To enhance confidence in the electoral system by deterring electoral irregularities. 
  • To foster participation in elections at local, national, and regional


Target Groups

Our intervention is targeted at institutions and individuals directly and indirectly linked and affected by elections. These include the government, the election management body, political parties, electorate including marginalized groups such as women, youth, and persons living with disabilities, among others.



The Election Monitoring and Observation program usually undertakes the following activities, at different intervals during the electoral cycle:

  • Election monitoring and observation (national i.e. local, house of representatives, Senatorial, presidential elections and referenda);
  • Reporting (compiling of election reports);
  • Conducting of Sample Based Observation (SBO);
  • Conducting of Voter Registration Audits (VRAs);
  • Observation of other key electoral processes such as voter registration, inspection, and delimitation of electoral boundaries.
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